Vision engraving systems 1624

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1624R CNC Router/ Engraver

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vision engraving systems 1624

Description 24in X 16in, Serial No. This item has today. Have one to sell? Mark Checkbox to add to your watched categories. Similar Items. Testimonials "The biggest demand for manufacturers today is to become operational as quickly as possible and Bid on Equipment provides this solution.A rotary metal engraving machine offers the most versatile solution to engraving on nearly any type of surface and even on unusually-shaped objects such as cylinders or jewelry.

In the United States, the most reliable manufacturer of rotary engraving machines is undoubtable Vision Engraving. In this article, we will explore the reason why we chose to partner with Vision and briefly look at some of the type of machines we have for sale — both new and used. Want a quote? Have a question? Click here to reach out! They are a proudly-American company that does all of their manufacturing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Vision provides rotary engravers for every imaginable task with models ranging from small, portable units to large-format machines suitable for commercial application. Vision engravers are built to be durable, reliable, and easy to maintain with surprisingly low-maintenance requirements.

Industry-leading features and competitive pricing set their machines apart from the competition. If you are seeking a Vision engraving machine for salethen allow Great Lakes Engraving Solutions to help you find your ideal system. We offer a conclusive range of rotary engravers from Vision that can help you to complete any project with precision and efficiency. We even provide a basic training program to assist you in operating your machine to its utmost potential.

Rotary engravers are among the most versatile due to their ability to comfortably work on a wide range of materials. The list of materials includes:. Some of the medium-sized engravers that we offer are designed to able to handle a larger load than the small-format systems.

If you need a larger engraving area, then one of our mid-sized machines is an ideal fit. If high-efficiency output is your main concern, then we have a range of large-format engravers that can handle large-scale projects with ease.

These heavy-duty systems can handle any task you require. Finally, we offer specialty engravers that are the perfect tools to be able to engrave on odd-shaped items. The machines can work around any corner or shape with its ideally-suited Vice grips to safely hold any item in place.

Below is a chart for the different types of Vision engraving machines for sale from Great Lakes Engraving Solutions. If you have any questions about which machine is right for your needs, please do not hesitate to call! Our Blog. October 11, Why Vision Engraving Machines? Recent Posts. Contact Us Email ddjerabek bex.Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Jan 31, 1. Feb 1, 2. I've used engravers for this process, but I wouldn't think that was right for you.

This leads me back to thinking you will ultimately end up with a similar perspective to my own, of the topic of producing ADA signs. If you just wanted to be able to serve those low end apartment complex clients, with low end ADA signs, then maybe this will work, however I picture you more interested in corporate clients like Apple, with impressive sign types, that our different every day, requiring more equipment than an engraver.

I'm fully prepared to find out I'm way off base however, because my experience in running engravers for ADA signs was nearly 20 years ago. Feb 2, 3. PermaSign way may be our next step once this takes off. Feb 2, 4. Feb 2, 5. Gigi, we don't own one, but I know a number of people that have owned them over the years and I became friends with the local rep who had been selling engraving equipment for 20 years or so. We used to talk about it all the time and he said the machines were very solid and well built and he didn't have anything bad to say about the company or their machines.

When our Xenetech dies, which it will, since it's running Windows 95we'll replace it with a Vision. I've seen very very little negative about them over the years and what I did see was mainly legacy items that were really old.

VISION SERIES 3 1624 Engraving System

I know that doesn't help a lot, but it's all I can offer. Feb 2, 6. Feb 3, 7. If i had to qualify all of my experience, it would have been a lengthy mechanical answer that would give a tooth drilling a better experience I don't think I could have said it better Gigi. As for me I was never thrilled with producing ADA signs. I've produced them too, it can be a mind numbing experience cranking out hundreds of signs a day especially when you are working for one of the biggest advocates of compliant signage.

I got it "drilled" in my head all the requirements and methods available. I liked the work of running an engraver, but I really wanted to design at that time. Eventually I became their main designer.

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But this woman taught me too well. Gigi can attest to my tirades as I see subpar ADA signs with poor translations, non-compliant type and color contrasts on other projects. I care about the product I design. The main use for the machine is ADA signs, but we are going to make office signs like these Later we will add a printer and larger CNC if the work can support it.

My main client prints miles of barricade banners, sales banners and leasing office graphics.The Pro Engraver is ideal for light to heavy duty applications in a medium size engraving area. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories to compliment your Vision engraver or router.

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From clamps and vices to rotary attachments if you have an unusual piece to handle we have a solution! Simply slide the clamp onto the T-slot table surface and position it over the edge of the engraving stock.

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The downward clamping force eliminates bowing and warping problems. Fits all Vision T-slot tables. This clamp is designed to secure engraving materials from the top surface and avoids bowing in most applications.

This clamp will hold material thicknesses of 0. This clamp is designed to hold down square or rectangular plates. It will accommodate material as thin as 0. These clamping bars hold small flat items, including name badges with pin backs, securely. By rotating the clamping bars they will hold 1 to 3 round objects at a time.

Diamond Drag Plaque Engraving Using Vision PRO 8

This allows you to engrave multiple notary seals, coasters, paperweights, and a variety of other circular items. This double-sided clamp secures items from the edge. It is ideal for items that are being cut, contoured, or engraved. Can be used with the Quick-Lock or Versa Vise.

This piece of engraving equipment is specifically made for engraving leather bracelets and key chains. Designed to work with any Vision T-slot Table, it features a removable front clamping plate with a "cam" type locking device. All new Vision machines come supplied with Express version software. This dedicated easy to use software package can be upgraded to suit your system and project requirements. Engraving cylindrical items The Epilog rotary attachment allows the user to engrave a variety of cylindrical product including wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights and other items up to 5.

This simple to install and easy to use device means you can switch from one product to the next in seconds without having to remove the attachment from the engraver. It's design provides accurate image scaling, so there's no need to input diameter or circumference calculations. Setup is as easy as placing your product on the Rotary Attachment, raising or lowering the scissor lift to level the engraving area, and printing to the laser!

Seklema eliminates the need for double sided tape, clamps, vacuum tables, and most other hold down methods on many engravable items.

Multi Mat will hold most types of engraving stock, including brass, aluminium, plastic, and acrylic. Reduce your production time by installing 2 engraver heads onto the one machine. The dual carriage must be factory installed, and cannot be removed for single head engraving. The unit is sold as a kit and is easy to install by the user. Table stands are available for models upwards and are heavy duty steel construction, painted to match the Vision tables.

This high frequency spindle is perfect for deep engraving into metals! The high RPM allows cutters to stay sharp much longer for increased production, and allows for much faster speed in engraving. Includes control box; no nose cone.

vision engraving systems 1624

It is available as an option for our 16 Series and 24 Series Engravers, as well as our 25 Series Routers with engraving head option. The Unist Micro-Dispensing Coolant System with solenoid, delivers a fine mist of lubricant directly to the point of contact. Applying a vegetable-based, biodegradable lubricant in controlled amounts will reduce wear and tear of cutting tools during machining operations.Pictograms — Pictograms shall have a field height of 6 inches mm minimum.

Characters and braille shall not be located in the pictogram field. Tool Path on Text. Filter By Color Engraving Software. How to Reduce Spindle Vibration. Top Loading Engraving Tool Identification. Push Down Clamps. Universal Pin Fixture. Deep Vise. Quick Lock Vise. Vision 10 Auto Kern. Vision 10 Frame Text Margins.

Vision 10 Frame Text Compose. Vision Software Frame Text Margins. Character Picker in the Vision Software. Decimal Places in Vision 10 Software.

Diamond Drag scratch engraving. Creating Bridges tabs for Routing advanced. Multiples Using Score Lines. Inlay Feature in the Vision Software. Quick Tip — Guide Lines. Alignment Tools. How to activate TeamViewer from the Vision Software.

What is Fill Overlap? What is Hatch Spacing in the Vision Software. How to Add Fonts to Vision Software. Weld Feature V9 Expert. Make Path and Break Path Functions. Proportional Scaling Lock. Node Editing in the Vision Software Part 2. Node Editing in the Vision Software Part 1. How to Create a Custom Shortcut. How to Find Function Shortcuts. Ginsu Knife. How to Add an Excel File to Multiples.If the belt appears to flare out when the spindle is operating then it should be replaced.

It runs between the motor drive pulley and the spindle pulley. If it needs replacement, first remove the cover. Next, remove the old belt by rolling it to the top of the spindle pulley, then slightly stretching the belt to snap it over the top of the spindle pulley.

Once loose, it can easily be removed from the machine. To install the new belt, position the new belt around the drive pulley, then lightly stretch it to snap over the top of the spindle pulley.

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Helpful Tip: Remove any cutter or drawbar from the spindle, this will make it easier to remove the belt. It runs between the motor pulley and the spindle pulley. If it needs replacement, remove the old belt by rolling it to the top of the spindle pulley, then slightly stretching the belt to snap it over the top of the spindle pulley. Once loose, it can easily be removed. Having the correct belt size is extremely important to the functionality of the motor.

Turn off power to the Controller. Open the spindle housing cover to access the belt. Move the spindle down so the top of the spindle pulley is toward the bottom of the spindle motor pulley.

vision engraving systems 1624

This will make it easier to remove the belt. Pull the belt off from both pulleys. Inspect the pulleys for any physical damage like burrs or nicks that could damage the belt. Replace the belt by stretching it over the spindle and motor pulley.

Check the belt once a month.


Over a period of time, the Phoenix motor belt will wear. When the motor belt wears, it will stretch and cause the spindle to slip or stall.

When this happens, the motor belt generally needs to be changed. The following explains the procedure for changing the motor belt. To remove the spindle cover, slide the cover up. Squeezing the sides of the cover will facilitate removal. To remove the motor belt, roll the front edge of the belt up towards the top of the spindle and over the lip at the top. To replace the belt, align the belt in the motor pulley and pull the belt forward and roll it down over the front edge of the lip on the top of the spindle.

Do not excessively stretch the belt when replacing it. Over a period of time, the VE motor belt will wear. Remove the five back cover screws shown below. The center screw does not absolutely need to be removed.The Pro Engraver is ideal for light- to heavy-duty applications in a medium-size engraving area. Offering a 16" x 24" aluminum T-slot table, this wood, plastic and metal engraving machine has set the precedent for quality in the industry and is designed for professional and industrial marking applications.

Model Brochure 1.

vision engraving systems 1624

The success of our engravers and CNC routers is a direct result of our reputation for offering long-lasting, high-quality machines. Our product line includes a variety of systems for a range of budgets and applications, from small-format to large-format engravers and CNC routers. With Vision you can bring something new to your business, or simply design and build your products more efficiently and effectively. Contact Sales Rep. Add to Alerts. View 1 historical prices. Email This Model to an Associate.

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